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When you hear “New York,” chances are that the first place that comes to mind is New York City. However, Long Island is another much-loved location in this fine state, often overshadowed by the vast city next door. Many city dwellers enjoy a weekend away on the beaches of Long Island.

About Long Island

Though Long Island is only a little over 1,400 square miles in area, more than 8 million people are squeezed onto this land. Long Island is the largest island in the contiguous United States. The island is made up of four different counties: Kings county, Queens county, Nassau county, and Suffolk county. Primarily, Long Island is best known as a hub of commercial aviation. It is home to two of America’s busiest airports: JFK International and LaGuardia Airport. Long Island’s ties to aviation go even further back than these two airports. However, this is also where Charles Lindbergh lifted off on his historic flight to Europe.
Though the term “Long Island” technically refers to the entire island, locals usually only mean Nassau and Suffolk counties when they use this term. These two counties are the more suburban area of the island and where the island’s wealth is most evident. During the Gilded Age, the wealthiest Americans frequently made it a habit to build their humongous houses on the Gold Coast of the North Shore, where some places are still visible.

The Hamptons is also located on Long Island, a popular beach destination for many families throughout America. Though the area usually is more of a rural location, summer tourism can make the area swell with many more people than it usually has. There is also a great wine region on the island: Suffolk County’s East End. Suffolk County also boasts The Pine Barrens, which is a preserved and protected pine forest.

Long Island is also one of the most ethnically diverse locations in America. The island boasts a Chinatown, Little India, Koreatown, and two Native American reservations. Besides being an aviation hub, Long Island has played a historic role in scientific research and engineering. The Island is home to:

  • Brookhaven National Laboratory
  • Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
  • Sperry Corporation
  • Computer Associates
  • Zebra Technologies

Long Island is also home to Stony Brook University and the New York Institute of Technology.
Many famous musicians also got their start on Long Island. Mariah Carey was born on the island, and Public Enemy, The Ramones, Twisted Sister, and Billy Joel. As a result, Long Island has many famous music venues, and it is also known for the music programs offered by its schools.

Where is Area Code 516 Located?

Area code 516 is a telephone area code in the North American Numbering Plan (NANP) within Nassau County in New York, in the Eastern Time Zone. Nassau County is one of the four counties found on Long Island. This area initially had the area code 914, one of the original New York area codes.

Still, when the area became too populated, Nassau and Suffolk counties were separated, with Nassau county receiving the 516 area code and Suffolk county gaining the 631 area code. Some major cities with the 516 area code are Hempstead, Levittown, Hicksville, East Meadow, Valley Stream, Long Beach, Elmont, Oceanside, Franklin Square, Glen Cove, Plainview, Uniondale, Baldwin, Rockville Centre, Garden City, Merrick, Massapequa, and Freeport.

How Can You Get A 516 Area Code?

Several reasons you might be deciding to get the area code for your telephone number changed. Though it can be a hassle you do not necessarily want to deal with, it should be easier than you anticipate. Here are a few options for getting a phone number with a new area code of 516:

  1. Use the SlyNumber app and look up the three-digit 516 area code.
  2. Contact your phone service provider and request the 516 area code for your cell phone number.
  3. Buy a phone next time you are in Long Island with a SIM card with an area code 516 phone number already programmed into it.


If you are considering getting a new phone number with a 516 area code, there is one way that will be much easier and less expensive. Download the SlyNumber app to get started. SlyNumber is available for use by Android and iPhone users, meaning it will be super easy for you to choose an area code 516 phone number.

The best part about using SlyNumber is that you can avoid making changes to your existing monthly service plan. For the low price of only $2.99 per month, you will be able to get a second phone number with the new area code of your choice. All local calls made to your new 516 area code will show up on your phone the same way you receive a call on your SIM card number.
You must only ask for something easier for business owners who want to separate their work and private lives.

What Are the Benefits of Having a Second Phone Number?

Downloading the SlyNumber app allows you to get your 516 area code. It is the cheapest and the fastest way to ass a second phone number or second business phone number , but it has even more benefits than those! Before you start dialing or messaging with your new 516 phone number, check out a couple of the main advantages you can experience with your SlyNumber app:

  1. A separate personal phone number will allow you to avoid business entanglements.
  2. A second phone number will help you stay more organized.
  3. You will know what it means when your phone rings, whether it is your personal phone or your new 516 area code phone number.

Conclusion: 516 Area Code

The 516 area code can be especially useful as a second phone number when you have a business on Long Island. Specifically, the 516 area code pertains to Nassau County on Long Island. The easiest and cheapest way to get a new 516 area code is to download the SlyNumber app today and begin your trek to separating your business from your personal life.


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