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The northern coast of California is a truly gorgeous place frequently flocked by tourists. Not only can you experience a beautiful drive up the coast, but you will also be able to visit many exciting cities along the way. One of the best parts of this area of California is the expansive redwood forests that dot the landscape. Though much of the coastline is inaccessible, there are still plenty of gorgeous views to enjoy.

About the North Coast

The North Coast of California is primarily rural, with dense redwood forests and beautiful coastlines. The northern part of the area is known as the area “behind the Redwood Curtain.” Though there are few major cities in the area, you will not find yourself at a loss for how to spend your time there. There is only one city with a population of over 100,000 people: Santa Rosa, located in Sonoma County.

Since it is a mostly rural area, you might not be able to find some of the most common city attractions, but there are plenty of things to do for nature lovers of any age! There are also a few historical attractions in the area, including Fort Ross Historic State Park, which began as a Russian settlement and shows a lot of Russian culture in the park. The North Coast is also a great place to kayak or surf. Not only will you enjoy beautiful views from the water, but you might also get lucky enough to glimpse some whales!

However, there are other normal urban attractions in the area. Santa Rosa boasts a symphony and a performing arts center that gets quite a lot of attention from residents and tourists alike.

Since there are not a lot of big cities, only a few major businesses are also located in the area. Most of the towns in this area thrive off tourism, meaning that retail and hospitality (hotels and restaurants) are thriving industries on the North Coast.

Where Is Area Code 707 Located?

707 is part of 11 counties in Northern California, just a little north of San Francisco. This places this area code in the Pacific Time Zone. These counties are Glenn, Lake, Mendocino, Solano, Tehama, Del Norte, Humboldt, Marin, Napa, Sonoma, and Trinity. The most popular cities within the 707 area code are Petaluma, Vallejo, Fairfield, Rohnert Park, Vacaville, Eureka, Ukiah, Crescent City, Clearlake, Windsor, Sebastopol, Healdsburg, and Benicia, to name a few.

Area code 707 was formed in 1959 when there was a split from area code 415. Recently, experts have noted that area code 707 will be depleted by December 2023, which means that there will be no more 707 phone numbers to give out. That is why a second area code, also known as an overlay, will be introduced in February 2023. This new area code will be 369, and new customers will be assigned this area code once all 707 phone numbers are depleted.

How Can You Get a 707 Area Code?

Whether you are moving to the North Coast or want a 707 phone number for business purposes, you may dread changing your area code. Luckily, changing the area code of your phone number can be very simple.

There are three main options to use to change your area code:

  1. Use the SLYNUMBER app to look up the 707 area code.
  2. Contact your service provider and request that your cell phone number be changed to one with a 707 area code.
  3. Buy a phone somewhere on the North Coast along with a 707 area code sim card.

Now, when we look at these three things, two stand out as more of a hassle than the other. Nobody enjoys contacting their service provider; who knows how long they will have you on the phone? Also, option three will only be viable for those living in the 707 area code or nearby. Luckily, there is the first option, which is both the easiest and the fastest way to get a 707 area code.


As we mentioned, the SLYNUMBER app is the easiest way to get a new phone number with a different area code. But did you know it is also the cheapest option? For only $2.99/month, you will be able to get a second telephone number with the 707 area code.

SLYNUMBER is also available for Android and iPhone users, which means that almost anyone can use it!

Benefits of a Second Phone Number

Though downloading the SLYNUMBER app is one of many ways to get a 707 area code, it is arguably the cheapest and easiest option. Here are a couple of the most significant advantages of having a second phone number or a second business phone number:

  1. A separate personal phone number will help you avoid mixing business and pleasure.
  2. You will be more organized with a second line.
  3. Knowing whether it is business or personal when your phone rings.

A Separate Personal Phone Number

If you plan on using your new 707 phone number for business purposes, you will be able to keep your line more available for any family or friends that may need to contact you. With a 707 area code, you can easily reach any clients, helping them feel more comfortable answering your call with a local number.

A Second Line

Plain and simple, a second line will help keep business calls separate from yours. This will help you stay more organized, both in your personal life and within your business.

When Your Phone Rings

Never again will you look at an incoming call and wonder whether it is a client returning your call or your dentist calling to confirm your appointment for next week. With a clear distinction of which of your numbers is being called, you will always be able to answer your professional calls professionally and your calls a little more personally.


If you need a new phone number with a 707 area code, look no further than SLYNUMBER. Not only is this the easiest and cheapest way to get a second phone number, but there are many benefits you can enjoy.


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