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The Rocky mountain range in Colorado is a beautiful location year-round for locals and tourists alike. Along with beautiful scenery year-round, the Colorado area has access to some of the best winter skiing in the entire world. Although, for those more suited to summertime activities, the Rocky Mountains offer some of the most pristine and beautiful hiking trails.

About the Rocky Mountains in Western & Northern Colorado

Locals frequently say that you move to Colorado for the winter and stay for the summer. The Rocky mountain range largely dominates the northern and western parts of Colorado. The massive mountain range makes for some of the most beautiful scenery that can be found on United States soil. Towering mountain peaks overlook much of the area, packed densely with forestry and wildlife.

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The northwestern part of Colorado is home to some of the state’s best skiing, with locations such as Aspen, Breckenridge, and Steamboat Springs. Each mountain-based town transforms into a skier or snowboarder’s dream in winter. With heavy snowfall and cold temperatures each year, there is always great skiing or snowboarding to be found. However, many locals would say that the summers are the best time of the year. During the summer, snow clears from the ground, and the area becomes abundant with flora and fauna. The sky tends to stay clear, and temperatures stay pleasant as the Fort Collins area reports an average summertime high of 77°F.

Where is the 970 Area Code Located?

The 970 area code encompasses a large portion of northern and western Colorado. Set in the mountain time zone, the 970 area code is dominated by the presence of the Rocky Mountains. Following the 1970s, the population of Colorado grew rapidly, and the number of available area code numbers began to dwindle. In 1988 the 719 area code was assigned to southeastern Colorado, and in 1995 the 970 area code was assigned to northwestern Colorado.

The 970 area code includes ski towns like Aspen, Breckenridge, and Steamboat Springs. Other notable cities in the 970 area code include; Durango, Grand Junction, Fort Collins, Vail, Loveland, Greeley, Carbondale, and Estes Park. Fort Collins is the most populated city in the area, with just over 180,000 citizens. Other counties in the Fort Collins area include; Montrose, Delta, Larimer, Mesa, and Garfield.

The nearest major city and airport is in Denver. Denver is just over an hour’s drive from Fort Collins and approximately 3 or 4 hours drive to more secluded mountain towns like Aspen.

How Can You Get a 970 Area Code?

Area Code 970

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  3. Better Business Relations
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Additional Area Codes Available


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