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Much of the southern part of New York is now covered by the 845 area code. This southern area in New York provides access to different lifestyles. Many residents in the neighborhood own their own homes while still being just a short drive away from the sprawling cityscapes. Citizens in the area can even find access to sites like Long Island, Gore Mountain, and Atlantic City without ever boarding a plane.

About the 845 Area Code in New York

It has lost some meaning, but area codes are still much more than just a prefix for a phone number. An area code identifies you. In this case, an 845 area code identifies you as a New Yorker. Whether you are from New City or Poughkeepsie, everyone can unite under the banner and community of a New York area code.

The 845 area is one of the most diverse communities and landscapes available anywhere on the east coast. Located in the eastern time zone, residents of the 845 area act as a melting pot for all different cultures in one location. With warm breezy summers and cold snow-laden winters, even the weather is diverse in this northeastern cityscape. Mixed into the cityscape are family-friendly suburbs, beaches, and more.

Near the Atlantic ocean are a few other places on earth with as much variety as the 845 area. Residents can become homeowners while still within driving distance of unique locations like New York City, Long Island, Atlantic City, and even skiing on Gore Mountain. Whether you’re a fan of wintertime sports, relaxing on the beach, or even catching a play on Broadway, the 845 area has something for you.

Where is the 845 Area Code Located?

The 845 area code encompasses a large portion of southern and eastern New York and a small chunk of western Long Island. Frequently, when people think about New York, they only picture the downtown area and forget about the beauty and size of some smaller communities and subdivisions. A recent development, the 845 area code prefix was first assigned in June 2000 after almost all 914 area codes were depleted.

Much of the southern parts of New York are now covered by area code 845. Some of the largest counties in the area are Orange County, Rockland, Dutchess, Ulster, and Putnam. Each county comes with its unique charms, quirks, and identity. Residents of the area have access to JFK International Airport and Laguardia Airport. Not as popular of a tourist location, this southern chunk of New York is a great place to raise a family.

The largest city in the area code 845 is New City, with a population of just under 34,000. Other notable cities and towns in the area include; Poughkeepsie, Spring Valley, Newburgh, Middletown, Kingston, Kiryas Joel, Monsey, Nanuet, Haverstraw, Monroe, and Pearl River. Many of these communities have diverse populations that result in unique and intriguing town cultures.

How Can You Get a 845 Area Code?

Area Code 970

If you want to get an 845 area code prefix, you have three options.


  • Purchase a new phone with a fresh sim card from a location with a New York state area code.
  • Contact your service provider and ask if they can assist you in changing your phone number to one with the 845 area code prefix.
  • Use the SLYNUMBER app for $2.99 a month and get access to a second phone number with a new area code of your choosing.

Purchasing a new phone is costly and too expensive for most average citizens. Furthermore, it would require you to be already living in the New York area or to take a long trip to the site to acquire this new phone. You could contact your service provider and ask for their assistance changing the telephone number. However, this will often require a tedious and time-consuming series of phone calls as you work through the department and are placed on hold. And at the end of this process, there’s no guarantee that they can assist you in changing your phone number to the desired area code. With this in mind, SLYNUMBER is the clear-cut best option for obtaining an 845 area code.


The SLYNUMBER app is the easiest and cheapest way to access an 845 area code and any area code with available phone numbers. For just $2.99 per month, you can use a second phone number from anywhere with internet service. Whether you want to make calls while traveling, obtain a number for making local calls at a second residence, or even add a second phone number, SLYNUMBER is an excellent choice.

Advantages of a Second Phone Number

Along with changing your area code prefix, adding a second phone number with SLYNUMBER has many other great benefits for your daily and business life.

  • Organize your work by designating a specific business line. By designating a specific business line, you can ensure you never mistakenly pick up a business call while spending personal time with your loved ones, or vice-versa, you can ensure you never accidentally take a personal call while trying to conduct business.
  • Keep your personal line private from spam calls and telemarketers. Everyone has experienced signing up for a subscription service or website only to be bombarded by calls from telemarketers. With SLYNUMBER, you can register for these services with a designated second number. Instead of dialing your personal line, these spam and telemarketing agencies will dial a designated secondary phone line.
  • Improve business relations with clients in a specific area. For example, if you do a lot of business with clients in the 845 area, having an area code 845 for yourself can be a massive benefit. Everyone feels more comfortable answering an unknown number from a local caller area code than one with an out-of-state area code.

With the SLYNUMBER app, you can get all these benefits and more for just $2.99 monthly. Whether you want an 845 area code number or add a second business phone number, SLYNUMBER could be perfect for you.

Additional Area Codes Available


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