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The eastern part of New York around Suffolk county is a beautiful area known as Long Island that provides access to the best of both worlds. Both citizens and tourists have access to rolling hills and farmland and are close to the hustle and bustle of the New York City lifestyle. With access to the city, countryside, and even the bay shore along the Atlantic Ocean, the 934 area code is a great place to be.

About the 934 Area Code in Long Island

The Suffolk County area in Long Island, New York, is one of the best locations in the state to raise a family. The area has a diverse community and various landscapes and locations. Bordering right along the Atlantic Ocean and east Hampton bay area, Suffolk County is one of the most beautiful locations on the east coast. From the 934 area code, citizens are just a car ride away from beautiful farmlands, forests, the beach, and major cities like downtown New York.

Whether you are a warm summer sun fan or prefer a cold winter breeze, the 934 area code has you covered. In the Spring and Summer, the area is luscious and green, and the beach and ocean are just a short trek away. Fall brings a beautiful array of orange, red, and yellow hues to the leaves and trees. And the winter area is typically covered in a pristine and crisp layer of snow. The 934 area code is one of the most diverse landscapes in New York.

Area codes are much more than just a prefix for a phone number. Having a 934 area code identifies you as a New Yorker. It brings life, personality, and memories along with it. Think about hearing your local area code and the pride and nostalgia that comes with it. Seeing a caller from a known area code makes you feel safer and creates a sense of community. In the modern age of the internet and cell phones, it can be easy to remember what an area code can genuinely signify.

Where is the 934 Area Code?

The 934 area code covers most of Long Island in eastern New York. Set in the eastern time zone, the Long Island area is often overshadowed by the sprawling cityscape of downtown New York. Until recently, much of the Long Island and Suffolk County area fell under the 631 area code. But in 2016, with the availability of 631 area code numbers depleting quickly, the 934 area code was created.

The 934 area code encompasses the vast majority of Suffolk County. A very popular place to be, Suffolk County is home to 1,493,350 citizens. Some of the most populated cities in the Suffolk County area include; Brentwood, Babylon, Central Islip, Coram, Islip, Babylon, North Babylon, Deer Park, Bay Shore, Huntington Station, Brookhaven, and North Amityville among others.

From the Long Island area, downtown New York is just an hour or so away. Suffolk County has access to local Long Island Macarthur Airport and significant airports like JFK International and LaGuardia Airport.

How Can You Get a 934 Area Code?

Area Code 934

To get a 934 area code prefix, you realistically have three options.

  1. Purchase a new phone from Long Island with a fresh sim card and a New York area code.
  2. Contact your service provider and ask for assistance in changing your existing number.
  3. Use the SLYNUMBER app for a private phone number with a 934 area code prefix.

Purchasing a new phone with a fresh sim card comes with several obstacles. For one, buying an entirely new phone is expensive, and secondly, it would also require you to be in the Long Island area. Contacting your service provider could work, but dealing with customer service requires being put on hold and transferred throughout the department. There’s no guarantee they can assist you in getting a 934 area code number. That leaves just option 3, using the SLYNUMBER app.

Using the SLYNUMBER App

Not only is using the SLYNUMBER app the quickest and easiest way to get a New York area code, but it’s also the cheapest. For just $2.99 per month, SLYNUMBER app users can access a 934 area code prefix and some other great benefits.

Advantages of Having a Second Telephone Number

Along with the ability to change your area code, here are some of the other awesome advantages of getting a second phone number with SLYNUMBER:

  • Separate work and personal life by designating a second business phone number phone line. Ensure you never accidentally pick up a work call while spending quality time with your loved ones.
  • Better business relationships with clients in different locations. For example, many customers in the New York area will feel significantly more comfortable making business dealings with someone with a local 934 area code prefix at the front of their business number.
  • Protect your privacy using a specified number when signing up for various subscription services. Rather than giving random companies and strangers access to your personal number, you can enroll using a specified second number to keep your unique line clear.


In conclusion, the 934 area code covers much of Suffolk County in Long Island, New York. Suffolk County is an outstanding area year-round, with calm Summers and beautiful Winters. Whether you are moving to the site or just looking to add a second telephone number with a 934 area code prefix, SLYNUMBER could be ideal. Rather than paying for a new phone and sim card or dealing with the hassle of going through your service provider, SLYNUMBER can get you a 934 area code for just $2.99 monthly.

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