If you are an entrepreneur or a business owner, you understand the importance of being able to take business phone calls when you are out of the office. Frequently this leads to entrepreneurs and small business owners using their personal phone numbers as their business line. It can be handy to have the ability to take business calls from your personal mobile device. However, it can also mean that anytime your phone rings, it has the potential to be a business call, a personal call from a friend or family member, or even an emergency. This can lead to several unfortunate scenarios, like accidentally taking a business call when trying to relax with your loved ones or even ignoring a critical call from a client who then gets redirected to your personal voicemail. This is where SLYNUMBER can be a massive benefit by giving access to a separate business phone number from your personal device.

So, what are the options for getting a separate business phone number? How do you get a separate business phone number with SLYNUMBER? What exactly is SLYNUMBER for business? What are some benefits of adding a separate business phone number with SLYNUMBER?

Here is a complete guide on how to get a business number and the benefits of doing so.

What are the Options for Getting a Separate Business Phone Number?

Realistically, you have four possible options for obtaining a separate business phone number:

1. Contact your service provider and ask if they can assist you in adding a second number for business. Going through customer service is often tedious, and there is no guarantee that they can properly assist you in adding a business phone number.

2. Purchase a second phone with a new number and a fresh SIM card. This is both expensive and impractical as it forces you to carry around two entirely separate phones at all times.

3. Utilize a traditional VOIP service to get a virtual second number. The issue with this is that the number is not a real phone number and, as such, cannot be used for finance or banking apps. This can make using a traditional VOIP service as a business phone number difficult.


How do You Get a Separate Business Phone Number with SLYNUMBER?

How do You Get a Separate Business Phone Number with SLYNUMBER

With SLYNUMBER getting a second phone number is highly affordable and easy to do. Head over to the Pricing & Plans tab on the SLYNUMBER website and select the option that best suits your and your business's needs.

What Exactly is SLYNUMBER for Business

what exactly is SLYNUMBER for Business

In brief, SLYNUMBER is an app that enables you to add a second phone number. Generally speaking, acquiring a second phone number would require purchasing an entirely new phone with a fresh SIM card. SLYNUMBER allows you to add a real second phone number without requiring a new SIM card. Unlike traditional VOIPs (voice-over-internet protocol), SLYNUMBER is a real phone number. You can use the number for services like email, social media accounts, and even backing apps. Other options on the market that utilize VOIPs, such as Google Voice, can not be used for banking apps because they aren't technically real phone numbers.

Furthermore, you can access a separate inbox with a second number from SLYNUMBER. This means setting up a business phone number with SLYNUMBER allows you to receive business-specific text messages and voicemails. SLYNUMBER's service also features an automatic called ID system that works even if the incoming call uses the *67 method. Having a separate personal and business number can be extremely valuable as an entrepreneur or business owner, and SLYNUMBER allows you to do just that.

What are Some Benefits of Adding a Separate Business Phone Number with SLYNUMBER?

No Need for a Second Phone
Without utilizing SLYNUMBER, the only way to obtain a separate business line that serves as a real phone number is by purchasing a second phone with a fresh SIM card. And as aforementioned, this is both expensive and impractical. SLYNUMBER allows you to access your business phone number from your personal mobile device.

Choose Any Area Code You Want
One of the most significant benefits of using SLYNUMBER for a business phone number is choosing a new number with any area code you want. This means you could choose a New York or California phone number even if you are in a completely different location. Using a location-specific area code can be an outstanding way to build a local business presence in your chosen area.

Below are sample area codes that you can choose from.

424 Area Code
845 Area Code
970 Area Code
380 Area Code
463 Area Code

Import an Existing Business Number
If you are an entrepreneur or business owner with a business phone number, you can import that number into the SLYNUMBER service. This can be an excellent opportunity for those with a current business phone number looking for a more affordable option.

Conclusion: Should I have a Separate Phone Number for My Business?

In summary, getting a separate business phone number is easier than ever before. By adding a separate number for business, you can always pick up a business call during your personal time and always send a client to your personal voicemailbox. SLYNUMBER is the best option for obtaining an actual business phone number. It is easy, affordable, and practical, unlike contacting your service provider or buying an entirely new phone. And unlike traditional VOIPs, a SLYNUMBER phone number is real, which means it can be used for banking or financial services.

You can access many great features and benefits with a separate business phone number from SLYNUMBER. With your SLYNUMBER business number, you can access separate inboxes for SMS and voicemails. Furthermore, SLYNUMBER also offers features like automatic caller ID and the ability to select a phone number with any area code you choose. SLYNUMBER even allows you to import an existing business phone number making it an excellent option for those who already have a business number but are looking for a more affordable option.

All entrepreneurs or business owners should consider getting a separate business phone number with SLYNUMBER.