Why customer prefer SLYNUMBER over Burner?

BurnerApp and SLYNUMBER are two services that allow users to get a second phone number on their mobile device. They are similar in allowing users to choose a new phone number, make calls, receive calls, send texts, create a custom voicemail greeting, and much more. However, while BurnerApp and SLYNUMBER are similar in that regard, there are key differences between them that separate them.

Get your number
Port your existing number
Roaming fees
No SIM card
Messaging apps*
Dating apps*
Social media*
Financial services*
Calls and messaging
*SLYNUMBER can be used to activate and verify the above mentioned apps, whereas VoIP numbers cannot.

To help explain one key difference, let's discuss giving out your personal number online via dating apps. It is easy to find information about someone by plugging their phone number into tools and search engines. It's true, and it is why many people don't want to give out their personal phone number to people they have never met. Having a second phone number to give can help protect your identity, which is critical in today's digital age. Common issues arising when you give out your number include text scams, spamming, and stalking. So, should you get a BurnerApp number or a SLYNUMBER number as a second number for dating?

BurnerApp is ideal for casual users who need a second phone number for basic purposes. For example, when messaging potential dates online, you can use the BurnerApp number as a second phone number so you don't have to give them your actual number. However, since the BurnerApp is not a real phone number, you can't use it to register your account for the dating service. That means you are still giving out your personal number to verify your account online, which can lead to privacy concerns even if you give out different numbers to your dates. Most online dating sites and platforms say that the phone number is not used directly for advertising, but they also don't say it won't be used.

Meanwhile, SLYNUMBER is an actual phone number that you will have with us. In the dating example above, you can register your account with the SLYNUMBER phone number, which is not the case with the BurnerApp. That way, when registering that number for a dating site, you can protect yourself since it won't be your real phone number. Then, just like the BurnerApp, you can give potential dates your SLYNUMBER phone number, which helps protect your privacy and personal details.

Regarding pricing, BurnerApp and SLYNUMBER both offer an affordable subscription service, meaning users can pay as they go via a small fee. If you need a second phone number for only a few months, both services allow you to use it when needed.

Make the switch - bring your existing number to SLYNUMBER!

For the same price, you can port your existing number to SLYNUMBER. For more information about our porting process click here.


Pricing and plans

We are always transparent about our pricing. No hidden fees - ever!

3-Month Base Plan


Total billed: $8.99

Upon purchasing this plan, the following items are included:

Unlimited inbound calls
Unlimited inbound texts
100 outbound credits
Choose plan
Annual Plan


Upon purchasing this plan, the following items are included:

Unlimited inbound calls
Unlimited inbound texts
100 outbound credits
Choose plan


$10 for 1000 credits

This is a one-time purchase.

1 credit equals 1 text message
1 credit equals 1-min
phone call
+ Add

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to purchase additional credits?

Your subscription includes unlimited inbound text messaging and phone calls, as well as a 100 outbound credits. You may need to increase your outbound messaging credits depending on your usage. Note: 1 credit= 1-minute phone call, 1 text message, or 1 picture message.

Can I use SLYNUMBER for online banking?

Yes. SLYNUMBER is a real mobile number, just like a phone number from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, and can be used for all online banking services and apps. Additionally, it can be used for texting apps, online dating, shopping, Craigslist, and more.

Can I use SLYNUMBER outside of the US?

If you already have a SLYNUMBER account and the app downloaded onto your phone, you can use our service internationally for SMS and personal calls as long as you have a data plan or wifi connection. This is a great way to avoid any roaming fees while traveling abroad.

Can I use my SLYNUMBER for international calls and messages?

No. SLYNUMBER can only be used to make calls and send messages to US or Canadian numbers.

Can I choose my area code?

Yes. SLYNUMBER offers all area codes in the US, so you can keep your phone number private. However, availability varies.

Why can't I find SLYNUMBER in the Apple App Store or Android Play Store?

SLYNUMBER mobile app is only available within the US and Canada and can be downloaded on iPhone (iOS devices) and Android devices. If you are currently outside of the US or Canada, you won't be able to use our service

How is SLYNUMBER different than a business phone service?

SLYNUMBER is different than business phone services in that it is an app that lets you choose a local phone number to make phone calls and send text messages. You can still take business calls and customer calls from your cell phone but without subscribing to a phone plan from a service provider. Use SLYNUMBER for the call management of all your business needs/business communications and ditch the landline