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What are the benefits of a business phone number?

Considering investing in a business phone number, you might have a few questions. What is a business phone number, and how does it work? What are the different types of business phone numbers? What benefits does a business phone number offer? How can SLYNUMBER help optimize the benefits of a business phone number?

A business phone number lets you send and receive business calls on various devices through a provider app. There are several types of business phone numbers depending on what your business needs are. Overall, a business number allows you to maintain a business brand, create a sense of credibility, and maintain a work-life balance.

If you are considering getting a business telephone number, SLYNUMBER offers affordable plans for business cell phone numbers that do not require a SIM card. With your new business number, you can protect your privacy and gain the flexibility you need to grow your business and enhance business communications.

What is a business phone number, and how does it work?

A business phone number is directly related to your business, which provides credibility and professionalism for you to streamline your business phone calls.

Different types of business numbers offer unique benefits depending on what your business needs are. You can easily obtain a local number through any local phone company to establish a landline or invest in a mobile business number service.

Most business phone numbers provide helpful features like custom greetings, call forwarding, and auto attendant. Many phone systems even offer integrations with different productivity tools and CRM software. Some even provide VoIP so that you can make calls using the Internet.

What are the different types of business phone numbers?

Before establishing a business phone number, consider your unique needs to determine what type of business phone system would best serve your goals and interests.

The most common types of business numbers include local numbers, virtual phone numbers, toll-free numbers, vanity numbers, international numbers, and DID numbers.

If you run a local business in a specific town, you may be more interested in using a local phone number so that you share the area code of the majority of your customer base.

If you want to appear more established as a small business owner, a toll-free phone number may be the best route. With a fixed three-digit number prefix, the business pays for the calls and allows customers to make free local and long-distance calls.

Direct Inward Dial, or DID numbers, are best suited for companies that receive a high volume of calls. These numbers allow you to directly connect to an agent, establish a call queue, manage a voicemail box, and more.

What benefits does a business phone number offer?

The following are some of the many benefits that come with having a business phone number:

Create a Professional Image
It is much easier to establish trust with a customer base if your business maintains a professional image. Accessibility is one of the first things people recognize in a business, and having a dedicated business phone number to directly contact a business offers that accessibility and makes your business appear more established. You can also customize the caller ID so that your business name appears instead of an unknown phone number. For startups or small businesses, getting a business phone number is often one of the first steps to establishing a trustworthy image.

Separate Your Calls from Your Business Calls
In running your own business, it is not uncommon for your business life to interrupt your personal life. Many phone services offer features to streamline some of the more tedious aspects of managing phone calls, like incoming notifications and call screening. Having a business line helps establish consistent business hours so that you can take the time you need at the end of the day to recharge and prepare for the next day without having to screen incoming calls from your mobile phone constantly.

Increase Customer Satisfaction
Many phone services can offer additional features that increase customer satisfaction, like auto attendants, call routing, greeting messages, and personal voicemail messages.

Forward Calls to Different Phones
With a DID business number, you can add multiple phones to your business line, allowing other employees to take calls when needed. With this feature, you can also take business calls and work more efficiently wherever you are.

How can SLYNUMBER help you optimize benefits of a business phone number?

With SLYNUMBER’s mobile app, you can get a private number for your business with the following features: blocking, notifications, separate inbox, and voicemail. SLYNUMBER is the only second phone number app to identify every caller’s name and provide real mobile numbers.

SLYNUMBER also allows you to maintain anonymity online, as the personal number will not be associated with a name, address, or billing information.

Download the app and choose the subscription plan that best suits your business needs to benefit from all that SLYNUMBER has to offer..


A business phone number is a mobile or landline number specifically associated with your business, so you can keep your personal number personal.

Different types of business numbers serve different purposes and offer unique benefits. There are local numbers, free numbers, vanity numbers, DID numbers, and more.

With a business phone number, you can create a more professional image, separate your personal life from your work life, increase customer satisfaction, and more.

SLYNUMBER is a phone number service that offers personal business numbers with features like blocking, notifications, separate inboxes, and voicemail. With SLYNUMBER, you can get your business phone number and manage all the features and benefits through their simple app.

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