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Should I have a separate phone number for my business?

So, what is SLYNUMBER for business? How do you go about getting a business phone number? What are some of the advantages of having a dedicated business phone number? Here is the complete breakdown of why every entrepreneur, employee, and anyone else should have a business phone number.

One of the most valuable commodities for any business owner in the modern digital world is the ability and understanding to conduct business via phones. The prevalence of communication technology has opened new doorways for companies and consumers. However, it can also feel overwhelming at times.

What exactly is a virtual phone number?

While standard phone lines are great, they come with limitations. Landlines are tied to a physical address and often require time-consuming and tedious onsite setup. Cellphones and smartphones are much more convenient, but the telephone number is directly attached to the device’s sim card. This means you must always keep the cell phone on you to make or receive calls.

Unlike landlines and cell phones, virtual phone numbers aren’t tied to one specific location or device. Instead, virtual phone numbers make and receive calls using VoIP or a voice-over-internet protocol. VoIP enables users to make and receive phone calls using any device with an internet connection. This doesn’t just include cell phones, desk phones, or landlines and means users can make and receive calls on devices such as laptops and computers.

What are the benefits of utilizing a specific area code number for your business?

Everyone has experience receiving tedious calls from a telephone number and area code you’ve never seen before. It has become so commonplace that many times people won’t answer a call coming from an unknown number or non-local area code. A second business phone line with a specific area code can be a major advantage for your business.

Particularly advantageous for small business owners, using a second number with a specific area code can open many doors to new customers and business opportunities. As discussed earlier, many answer calls less often from unknown caller IDs.

With the right area code prefix, your business can establish itself as a local presence, even if you’re calling long distances across the country. Customers and organizations tend to be much more willing to answer business calls if they appear to be coming from a known local area code.

How to obtain a business number with a specific area code?

There are typically three options to obtain a phone line with a different area code.

Contact your service provider

Contacting your service provider to try and get a new area code prefix is a potential option. But doing so means dealing with the hassle of waiting on hold, dealing with customer support auto-attendants, being transferred throughout the department, and more. And in the end, there is no guarantee they will be able to assist you in changing your area code.

Purchase a new phone with a SIM card from a provider in the desired area code

The second option is to purchase a new phone with a fresh sim card from a location with the desired area code prefix. This one will work, but it is inconvenient and impractical. First, you’d need to spend the money to purchase an individually expensive and entirely new phone, which is impractical from a business communications standpoint. It would also require you to travel to the location, which is inconvenient.

Get a new business phone number with SLYNUMBER

The best option for getting a specific location’s area code prefix is using the SLYNUMBER app. The SLYNUMBER mobile app is easy-to-use, cheap, and convenient. With SLYNUMBER, you can get a new personal second phone number or business line from any location you’d like, along with several other awesome features.


One of the best apps on the market, SLYNUMBER allows you to choose a new phone number with an area code of your choosing. If you are a small business that frequently works with clients or customers on the east coast, you can choose from the 516, 934, or 845 New York area codes.

Or on the other hand, if your business frequently deals with customers and clients in the West, you can choose from several different area codes, such as; 707 (Northern California), 530 (Sacramento, CA), or even 970 (Colorado).

With SLYNUMBER, you can choose the area code prefix that best suits your business communications needs.

What are some other features of the SLYNUMBER phone system?

Along with choosing a specific area code number, SLYNUMBER’s phone system has several other outstanding features. For example, SLYNUMBER operates using a VOIP or voice-over-internet protocol. Unlike a standard personal number tied to a specific personal phone or mobile device, SLYNUMBER’s VOIP service works through an internet connection. This means that as long as you have internet access, you can access your virtual phone number.

Furthermore, along with a second number, SLYNUMBER also gives you a separate inbox for your second number. Any calls, messages, or voicemails sent to your new business phone number will automatically be stored in a different inbox.

Lastly, SLYNUMBER’s great pricing means establishing a virtual phone system is both cheap and easy. For as low as $2.99 per month, SLYNUMBER users can make unlimited calls from the business phone system.

Summary: Why your business needs a specific area code number?

In summary, getting a local business phone number is easier than ever, thanks to SLYNUMBER. For just $2.99 per month, you can use SLYNUMBER’s VOIP provider to make phone calls, send text messages, check voicemails, and much more.

With SLYNUMBER, you can access a new phone number from an area code in any location you choose and open the doorway to much more effective business communications. Whether you are the CEO of a major corporation or the boss of a small local business, SLYNUMBER has a service that can benefit you.

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