Imagine you run your own business. The phone number for that business is also your personal phone number, which means anytime it rings, it could either be a potential client looking to talk to you or a friend who has your number not saved in your phone looking to chat. You never know who is calling you; to make it worse, you may not pick up, assuming it is not a potential client when it is, and they hear your personal voicemail, which they thought they would listen to a business voicemail message. This predicament is where SLYNUMBER comes into play for people who need a separate business phone number attached to their phone device.

So, what is SLYNUMBER for business? How do you go about getting a business phone number? What are some of the advantages of having a dedicated business phone number?

Here is the complete breakdown of why every entrepreneur, employee, and anyone else should have a business phone number.

What is SLYNUMBER for Business in a Nutshell?

SLYNUMBER is a service that offers you a real second phone number that does not require a SIM card on your personal phone device. SLYNUMBER is not VOIP (voice over internet protocol), which means it differs from other services in the market, like Google Voice. Since this is a real phone number, you, as the business owner, can use it for your banking apps since it is an actual number, unlike traditional VOIPS.

Separating your personal number from your business apps is critical for a business owner. Plus, you can use that SLYNUMBER number for things like your Gmail account, WhatsApp for business, and social media accounts requiring a phone number for two-step authentication.

Finally, your SLYNUMBER phone number can receive text messages, which is more than just having this number to make and take calls.

What are Some Advantages of Having a Separate Phone Number for Your Business?

What are Some Advantages of Having a Separate Phone Number for Your Business

You will want a separate phone number for your business for numerous reasons. Below are some common reasons you want to have a dedicated business number.

Keeping Your Work Life and Personal Life Separate
For example, with SLYNUMBER, anyone calling that phone number will display that business number on your screen. Therefore, you will know that someone calling you is for your business. The benefit of this is not mistakenly picking up your phone if you are in a loud bar where you can't hear the potential client. Instead, you can leave that bar to then call back that phone number and sound more professional than yelling in a bar since it is hard to hear.

Keep Your Personal Phone Number Secure
Another significant advantage of utilizing a business phone number is keeping your personal number secure and private. As mentioned earlier, customers or clients must have a phone number to reach them. However, that doesn't mean that you want these customers or clients to have access to your personal phone number. Clients and customers are precious to your business, but at the end of the day, they are still strangers.

With a separate business number, you can allow clients to contact you while keeping your personal number private and secure as it should be. Especially since some people like to text people instead of calling, you want to avoid your personal number being used for texting for your business.

Dedicated Voicemail Greeting
Another benefit to using SLYNUMBER for your business phone number is that it has a custom voicemail greeting. Therefore, if you can't pick up your phone if you are busy, the customer calling will hear your business voicemail greeting, not your personal greeting.

Improve Client/Customer Relationships
While you may prefer to keep your personal number private, you still need to ensure your clients and customers have access to you outside of the office at times. Giving out a business phone number they can contact anytime is a great way to build and improve client/customer relationships. By giving them a number they can call with questions or concerns, you are proving to the client that their business matters to you without clogging up your personal line.

Choose a Specific Area Code
One of the significant draws of using SLYNUMBER is that you can choose the specific area code you want for your number. For example, you may live in the Worcester area in Massachusetts and have a phone number that starts with 508. Meanwhile, your business operates in Boston, so having a 617 number would be necessary.

With SLYNUMBER, you can choose to have a 617 number, which will give customers confidence in calling your business.

How Do You Get SLYNUMBER for Business?

How Do You Get SLYNUMBER for Business

The process of getting a second phone number for your business is straightforward. Head to the pricing and plans pages to start and choose the best number for you!

What are Your Other Options for Obtaining a Second Phone Number for Business outside of SLYNUMBER?

1. Purchase a new phone with a fresh SIM card and a different phone number.

2. Contact your current service provider and see if they can assist you in adding a second phone number for business.

3. Use a traditional VOIP provider to get a second phone number. However, standard VOIP phone numbers will run into limitations, like the ability to use that number for financial apps. Therefore, you will run into issues using a VOIP number as your business grows and need to integrate that number into other software.

Conclusion: Should I have a Separate Phone Number for My Business?

In summary, you should have a dedicated business number. Using your personal number to conduct business has countless drawbacks. First, customers and potential customers now have your personal number, which means strangers can contact you directly. Second, getting a call to your personal number won't be clear if this is a business call or if someone is calling your personal number to contact you.

SLYNUMBER is the perfect solution for users looking for a business phone number. First, you don't need a SIM card or another device to have a business number. You can still use your personal phone to make business calls with the app. Second, SLYNUMBER works on third-party financial apps since it is not VOIP, so you don't need to mix your personal number with your business software.

Finally, SLYNUMBER has many features perfect for individuals on the go for their business. The number can make and take calls and can be used for texting. The SLYNUMBER can also have a specific area code for you, which is crucial if you want a robust local presence in an area. And last, having SLYNUMBER gives you a dedicated voicemail greeting, which helps make your business sound more professional when you cannot pick up the phone.