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How to get a second phone number on iPhone

With the SLYNUMBER app on IOS, you can get a second phone number to make and receive phone calls, get a separate inbox for text messages and voicemails, and even register for various subscriptions or services. You can even use that second phone number as a business line, dating app, or something else. No matter what you use SLYNUMBER for, having a private phone number on your iPhone has countless benefits.

Here is the full breakdown of the second phone number app on iPhone.

Why you should have a second phone number on your iPhone?

The main reason you should have a second phone on your iPhone is privacy. Below are two examples of what happens when you use a personal number and how using a second phone number would protect you.

When filling out your credit card information online, you might unintentionally give your personal mobile phone number to a counterfeit website during checkout. Even if the credit card company denies the payment, your phone number may be at risk. Hackers can run your phone number through search sites to find other information about you, like your name, email, or even your home address. Even if it isn't a hacker trying to steal your personal information, plenty of scammers would love to get access to your cell phone number and spam you with unwanted SMS text messages, phone calls, and voice messages.

Another reason to have a second phone number is if you are using your personal number to conduct business. If potential clients call you and you can't pick up, they will hear your personal voicemail greeting, which will be unprofessional. With SLYNUMBER, you can give out that number to potential clients and appear more professional than giving out your personal number.

How do companies use your personal phone number for marketing?

Did you know that when you give out your phone number for features like two-factor authentication or registration, the company then uses that number to gather information on you? Companies and marketing firms will use your personal number in a practice known as data mining, which allows them to tailor their marketing strategies directly to you.

Another type of marketing that companies will use is geofencing via your area code and geographic area, as well as using your Bluetooth and wifi when you are near a store or event. That means your personal phone number is a magnet for ads to target you the second you are in their target area.

Finally, downloading an app for a fast-food service or something similar gives that corporation access to your data if you use your personal phone number. The corporation can use that data for specific marketing deals, which may sound good to you, but the corporation can also sell your data, which you may need to be aware of. While there might be an incentive to download the app to save money, the corporation is most likely getting more value from that number in ways you need to be aware of.

How does SLYNUMBER work on an iPhone?

With SLYNUMBER, getting an additional number is convenient and straightforward for iPhone users. Unlike a traditional cell phone number, a 2nd phone number from SLYNUMBER doesn't require a SIM card. It is a phone number that works as a completely real number, like any cell number or landline.You only need to go into the Apple app store and download the SLYNUMBER app. From there, you will pay to add a new phone number and select an area code you choose.

You can then set up a separate inbox with the new second number for voicemails, messages, and incoming calls. This new real number from SLYNUMBER can be used as a second line or even as a business phone number.

What else should you know about SLYNUMBER?

Phone numbers generated with SLYNUMBER can be used to make and receive phone calls and text messages.  Phone calls or texts made to that number will show up on the caller ID with the SLYNUMBER icon. That helps make it clear if this is a call to your personal number or your second phone number.

With a real number from SLYNUMBER, you can ensure that your personal phone line stays reserved for friends and family. That way, you can use your second phone number to give away apps you use, banking institutions, and much more. You can even use this 2nd phone number to register for subscription services or reward programs and compile all the notifications into one separate inbox.

Why Use SLYNUMBER over other competitors?

SLYNUMBER is one of the best options for adding a second phone number because phone numbers from us are considered real numbers. When you generate a virtual phone number from services like Google Voice or other VOIP services, they are not regarded as real numbers. This means they cannot be used when registering for financial services or dating sites.

Despite their incredible functionality, SLYNUMBER numbers remain affordably priced. Pricing options for SLYNUMBER start as low as $2.99 per month or $29.99 per year. With the subscription, you can receive unlimited texts and calls and 100 outbound credits. You can also purchase additional outbound credits as needed. And if any questions arise, their customer support team is available and ready to help. So, with affordable pricing and incredible functionality, SLYNUMBER is one of the best apps available.

Please visit our compare section on the website to see how we stack up against the competition.


Getting a second phone number on an iPhone is easier than ever with the SLYNUMBER app. You can access a separate inbox with the second number for inbound calls, messages, or voicemails. With a second phone number, you can help protect yourself from hackers, keep your data safe from marketing companies, and get peace of mind as you register for social media sites and services.

Your actual number should be for personal calls and texts. With SLYNUMBER, you can be sure that it stays that way.

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