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How to get a phone number for safe online dating?

If you are considering using a second phone number for online dating, you might have the following questions: why should you use a different phone number for online dating? How do you safely date online? How can you use SLYNUMBER for safe online dating?

It is not uncommon for young singles to express frustration and disillusionment with dating when so much of it is happening online. Aside from the stress of meeting new people and suffering through disappointing dates, romance scams, fake profiles, and catfishing add a layer of complications and safety concerns to an already frustrating task. With so much to consider and watch out for, using a second phone number protects you, maintains your peace of mind, and keeps your private life truly private.

SLYNUMBER is an excellent app for those seeking added protection while navigating online dating. Use the SLYNUMBER app to create a second phone number, access a separate inbox for text messages, and keep your personal number protected. Plus, buying another device is unnecessary; the app works seamlessly across iOS and Android.

Why should you use a different phone number for online dating?

At first, giving someone your phone number may seem harmless, but you would be surprised by what some people can accomplish with a simple string of numbers. Consider the following reasons why using a fake number for online dating is beneficial.

1. Avoid Scams and Fraud
Social media, including dating apps, have opened a world for scammers to take advantage of people quickly. According to some statistics, 1 in 10 online profiles is a scammer, and as much as 53% of line daters lie or exaggerate in their profiles.

People can use your phone number to mine data through search sites and get information like your email address, name, and even your home address. Some hackers can even reroute your number, impersonate you, or send spyware through suspicious links. Using SLYNUMBER for a second number lets you rest at ease, knowing you're less at risk for fraud and your information is more protected.

2. Avoid Harassment
While a match may put up a good front at first, it is not uncommon for them to change their tune quickly, begin to push boundaries, and ignore your rebuffs. If people like this have your number, you run the risk of people attempting to track your location or continue to send unwanted messages and calls.

Having a second phone number provides a layer of separation between your private life and your dating life to ensure you have more control over your safety and boundaries.

3. Maintain Privacy and Anonymity
It is very easy for hackers to use phone numbers to get more information without your knowledge or consent. This includes information like full name, birthday, or email. When taking a chance on dating sites and interacting with people you do not know, it is always best to keep specific details about your personal life guarded, especially your phone number.

Using a second phone number lets you keep facets of your identity hidden and secure from scammers waiting to take advantage. For example, if you use a nickname on your dating profile but share your personal number, people can use that number to find your real name, look you up on social media, and find out more about you than you might be willing to share.

4. Maintain Peace of Mind
Dating alone is stressful, but dating online is an entire world of navigating red flags and warning signs when meeting people for the first time and attending first dates. While it seems simple, protecting your real phone number makes it much easier to manage the safety concerns of online dating.

How do you safely date online?

Using a second phone number provides an excellent layer of protection against fraud and scammers; however, practicing other safety habits while online dating is still important.

1. Use Reputable Dating Apps
With hundreds of online dating apps, it can be challenging to choose the right one. Among the most commonly used apps with reputable results are Tinder, Bumble, Hinge, and OkCupid. Most questionable dating apps and dating websites will give themselves away by their name or their mission statement.

A surprising number of dating apps fixate on superficial factors like money or beauty, which not surprisingly draws in a decent number of scammers and questionable people. While using a reputable dating app does not take away the risks of online dating, you have a better chance of meeting decent people who want to make a genuine connection.

2. Avoid Giving out Personal Information
Along with keeping your phone number safe, avoiding giving out any other personal information that someone could use to access your accounts or other sensitive data is essential. The most apparent information to protect is your SSN, bank information, credit card number, or home address. It is also important to avoid sharing your work address or any other details indicating where you can be found at any given moment.

3. Be Aware of Scamming Techniques
While every scammer is different, and some might use unique techniques, there are some common red flags to look out for when getting to know someone online. Most scammers will start by making an impression that seems too good to be true, whether using a fake profile picture to appear more attractive or excessive charm to win you over. This usually leads to swift declarations of love and attempts to gain personal information. Most scammers will attempt to manipulate others by making them feel guilty or responsible for making the relationship work.

4. Meet in Public Places
If someone has passed your initial tests and you are ready to meet in person, be sure to meet in public spaces where you feel comfortable. Avoid anyone who asks to meet in isolated places you have never visited where it would be difficult to leave or ask for help if needed.

How can you use SLYNUMBER for safe online dating?

There are many second phone number services to choose from, but SLYNUMBER is user-friendly and offers beneficial in-app features perfect for using as a fake number for online dating.

Through SLYNUMBER'S app, you can opt for various subscription options that offer a US mobile number to make and receive calls and messages that do not require you to go through a carrier.

With SLYNUMBER, you can block unwanted numbers, receive notifications, and manage an inbox separate from your real number. Also, since this is a real phone number, you can use it to verify it on dating sites.


When navigating the world of online dating, it is crucial to protect yourself and your information. By using a second phone number, you can avoid scams and frauds, maintain privacy, avoid harassment, and maintain peace of mind.

While using a second phone number adds extra protection, it is still important to practice safety habits while online dating. Use reputable apps, do not disclose personal information, be aware of scammers, and meet in public spaces.

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