The only mobile number that is a 100% effective at protecting your private information.

Your phone number in the wrong hands is dangerous.
Every time you share your primary phone number you're giving access to your personal information.

First and last

Someone can get your full legal name just by looking up your phone number.


Your current and any previous addresses are tied to your phone number.

Full background

For a small fee anyone can run a full background check on you just by having your phone number.


How we protect your information

Our first line of defense in protecting your privacy is in the fact that SLYNUMBER doesn’t collect any personal information beyond what is necessary for payment processing, which no one can access.

Limited data collection

The only personal information SLYNUMBER collects is related to payment. There's no collection of sensitive data beyond this.

No physical address

Your physical address is not associated with your SLYNUMBER account, adding an extra layer of anonymity.

App purchase privacy

When you activate an app using your SLYNUMBER they do not gain access to your primary number.

No reverse

Your information cannot be found through commercially available reverse lookup tools – because there is no personal information to find.

With SLYNUMBER you control who contacts

A private phone number empowers individuals to take control of their personal information. Whether for business or personal use, these services offer a valuable tool for maintaining a secure and confidential line of communication in an increasingly interconnected world.

Caller identification

Unlike traditional systems that only display the caller's number, SLYNUMBER shows you the name of the person or entity trying to reach you, offering immediate context about incoming calls or texts.

Blocking & unblocking

If you receive unwanted calls or texts, SLYNUMBER allows you to block or unblock any number with ease. Blocked callers are met with a message indicating that the number has been disconnected, further protecting your peace.

Customizable caller name

You can personalize the name that appears on the recipient's caller ID when you make calls using your SLYNUMBER. This feature provides flexibility in how you present yourself and can be used for both privacy and professional branding purposes.

Data breaches are sky rocketing. Identity theft and unwanted solicitations are off the charts. Protect yourself. Get a second private number and keep your personal information safe.

Having a private phone number serves many purposes, such as online transactions, dating apps, job seeking, dealing with clients, running a business, or any other reason why sharing your primary number might be a risk. Users can maintain a degree of separation between personal and transactional communication, reducing the likelihood of receiving unsolicited calls or messages.

Additional benefits

You can also personalize your phone number with a custom greeting. Again, if you want to help protect your privacy, you can have a custom greeting entirely separate from your personal voicemail. A custom voicemail greeting is ideal for business owners, job seekers, or anyone who wants to set an excellent first impression when they cannot pick up their phone on a call.