Port your current phone number over to SLYNUMBER

Do you have a second phone number that you love, but you want to save money on your current monthly plan? Do you want more than all of the features or limitations of your current service provider? If so, SLYNUMBER allows number porting, which means you keep your phone number and get all of the amazing benefits that we offer.
Here's the full breakdown of phone number porting.

Port your number

What is phone number porting?

Number porting, or phone number portability, is a telecommunications service that allows users to retain their existing phone numbers when switching service providers. This process involves transferring your existing phone number from your current provider to a new one, allowing you to explore better deals, improved services, or even new technologies without losing the essence of your communication identity.

Why port your phone number to SLYNUMBER?

Whether you have a local number or a VoIP number, you can port that into SLYNUMBER via a number transfer. SLYNUMBER offers numerous benefits to the consumer at a fraction of the cost of what some of our competitors charge. If you have a second phone number on your device and want a more affordable monthly option with many benefits, then SLYNUMBER is your choice.

Below are many benefits of using SLYNUMBER as your new service provider:

• An easy-to-use user interface on iOS and Android devices that works perfectly.

• Make calls / receive calls in the United States and Canada.

• Customize the call name to show to the person you are calling.

• Have a custom voicemail greeting when you cannot pick up the phone.

• Send and receive SMS text messages.

• You keep your phone number during the porting process. You won't lose your phone number when you port a phone number from another service. Therefore, you don't need to spend extra money updating your business cards, signs, website information, etc.

• Using SLYNUMBER, you'll save money each month compared to competitors charging for a second mobile number.

• You don't need a new cell phone to have a second phone number. Instead, we will work with your current carrier via the porting request to transfer that into our phone system. That means even more savings for you where you don't need a new mobile phone to have a second phone number.

• With SLYNUMBER, you get an actual mobile phone number, which also works for banks, PayPal, social media sites, dating apps, and more. This differs from having a free phone number from Google Voice or SKYPE, since it is a VoIP line, not an actual mobile number. You are getting a real mobile phone number with our service.

• Call forwarding allows you to redirect a SLYNUMBER call to another number to ensure uninterrupted communication.

• No SIM card.

• No roaming fees.

• Voicemail transcription.

How long does it take to port the number?

The duration of the number porting process depends on various factors, including the providers involved, the completeness of the required information, and any specific regulations in place. Typically, the process takes a few business days.

It's important to note that while the technical process might take a defined duration, the user experience is designed to be as smooth as possible. Most users can continue making and receiving calls during porting, ensuring that connectivity remains uninterrupted.

The transfer process is straightforward when you use us to port your phone number.

Does everyone offer phone number porting?

While we feel that we are the best option for telephone number porting, others offer a similar service.

When looking for new phone service, be sure to read what each offers to see what works best for your situation. Some phone service providers may have limitations that you need to be aware of, which is why we created a comparison section on our website.