All the features
you need

Our state-of-the-art features allow you to take your mobile experience to the next level. Don't settle for an ordinary phone number, upgrade to SLYNUMBER today!

Control who can contact you

Having a private phone number is a great way to keep your personal and business communication secure and confidential in today's interconnected world. SLYNUMBER offers a valuable tool that can help you take control of your privacy, whether you're using it for work or personal purposes. 

Private mobile number

SLYNUMBER is not linked to any of your personal information, so you can remain anonymous.

Caller ID with names

Our app identifies the caller’s name, in addition to the ID, with every call you receive.

Spam call

Say goodbye to unwanted callers and always know who's on the line with SLYNUMBER.

Voicemail with custom greeting

A dedicated voicemail for your new phone number. with a personalized voicemail greeting.

Customizable caller name

You can personalize the name that appears on the recipient's caller ID when you make calls using your SLYNUMBER. This feature provides flexibility in how you present yourself and can be used for both privacy and professional branding purposes.

Chat with your very own SlyAI

SlyAI uses Chat GPT-4 and allows you to tailor your experience to your unique needs and preferences.


Instant answers to any question, expanding knowledge.


Real-time translations, breaking language barriers.

Emotional support

Char with SlyAI for a listening ear.

Jokes and humor

Enjoy daily doses of humor and fun

Accepted by all apps

Integrate SLYNUMBER with your favorite messaging apps and online services for seamless SMS verification.

Save your personal number for friends and family. For everyone else use SLYNUMBER.

Your SLYNUMBER is not associated with any name, address, or billing information. No reverse look-up tool can reveal the owner of the number. It is completely anonymous. In addition, it is the most affordable second number app on the market, and the only number app that provides real mobile numbers, not VoIP (GoogleVoice, Burner etc.)


Discover even more benefits

Separate personal and transactional numbers with SLYNUMBER.

Verification codes

Stop using your private number to receive verification codes for apps or services. Use SLYNUMBER instead.

Dating apps

Why give out your personal number to someone you don't even know? Give out SLYNUMBER instead.

Online shopping

Use SLYNUMBER to receive discount codes and more while shopping or selling online.

Government forms

Government forms are used to collect and sell your personal data. Protect yourself with SLYNUMBER.


Frequently asked questions

Do I need to purchase additional credits?

Your subscription includes unlimited inbound text messaging and phone calls, as well as a 100 outbound credits. You may need to increase your outbound messaging credits depending on your usage. Note: 1 credit= 1-minute phone call, 1 text message, or 1 picture message.

Can I use SLYNUMBER for online banking?

Yes. SLYNUMBER is a real mobile number, just like a phone number from Verizon, AT&T, or T-Mobile, and can be used for all online banking services and apps. Additionally, it can be used for texting apps, online dating, shopping, Craigslist, and more.

Can I use SLYNUMBER outside of the US?

If you already have a SLYNUMBER account and the app downloaded onto your phone, you can use our service internationally for SMS and personal calls as long as you have a data plan or wifi connection. This is a great way to avoid any roaming fees while traveling abroad.

Can I use my SLYNUMBER for international calls and messages?

No. SLYNUMBER can only be used to make calls and send messages to US or Canadian numbers.

Can I choose my area code?

Yes. SLYNUMBER offers all area codes in the US, so you can keep your phone number private. However, availability varies.

Why can't I find SLYNUMBER in the Apple App Store or Android Play Store?

SLYNUMBER mobile app is only available within the US and Canada and can be downloaded on iPhone (iOS devices) and Android devices. If you are currently outside of the US or Canada, you won't be able to use our service

How is SLYNUMBER different than a business phone service?

SLYNUMBER is different than business phone services in that it is an app that lets you choose a local phone number to make phone calls and send text messages. You can still take business calls and customer calls from your cell phone but without subscribing to a phone plan from a service provider. Use SLYNUMBER for the call management of all your business needs/business communications and ditch the landline